Archeological society has listed a total of 117 caves on the twin hills of Khandagiri & Udayagiri. But, legend has it that, there existed 752 caves on Kumariparbata. Local hermits claim of inner caves in the mountain due to peculiar acoustic at certain places on the hill. And, indeed we have few strange findings pointing in that direction.Whatever it may be, it is very interesting to note that the existing caves with ornate carvings have certain things in common :-

Almost all caves have inner chamber, separated by geometrically carved out doorways with doorframes.

Almost all caves have a sit out or verandah with strong pillars.

The inner section of all caves are suitably structured for comfortable reclining.

Naga dantams on pillars (mostly broken ) for convenience of privacy.

Well designed aqua ducts for drainage of domestic water and rain water are constructed in almost all caves meant for accommodation.

Very interestingly all accommodative caves have concealed provision for fresh water supply through aqua ducts.

Almost every cave structure has some regular holes dug into the ground rock at the front side and grooves on outer walls of the caves suggesting extended beautification with pillars and slabs of either stone or wood.

Almost every cave structure has a reasonably big open space (courtyard) in front to facilitate outdoor social and domestic activities.

Uniformity in style, the proportion, the pillars and door frames etc, strongly suggest of an architectural treaties (Silpa Shastra, Vastu Shastra, Artha Shastra) behind the construction.

Most caves on kumari parbata with explicit stone carvings, ornate pillars, luxurious facilities of fresh water in abundance and large courtyard (are in sharp contrast to the simple Hermitage as it ought to be) suggest of Noble/ Royal accommodation.

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