Art and Handicraft Of Odisha

Odisha is a land of various types and kinds of Art work and Handicrafts. Patronages of the Kings and Nobles have always encouraged the artists of Odisha. Earlier Tribal people also had taken a fancy to various kinds of Art and Handicraft which has integrated with the culture of Odisha. We shall deal with the various types of Fine Art and Handicraft in this section.


(A)           Fine Art: Artists have made use of various mediums to express their ideas and vision over the ages. Like


(1)             Handmade paper,



(2)             Raw Silk cloth,



(3)             Cotton Cloth,


(4)             Patta ( specially hand made paper ),



(5)             Palm Leaf,



(6)             Metal Plates etc.



(B)            Handicraft: Craftsmen have used all kinds of medium to exhibit their craftsmanship and are creating master pieces till date.


(1)             Sand,View Gallery

(2)             Stone,

(3)             Textile,

(4)             Wood,

(5)             Clay,

(6)             Metals,

(7)             Horn,

(8)             Grass,

(9)             Bamboo,