Mahajanapada Kalinga.

Once gloriously prosperous the Mahajanapada Kalinga is one of the most ancient of "civilizations" dating back beyond 6th c.B.C. Probably life and style had almost reached a pinnacle of excellence by the 2ndc.B.C.

Time and again, this civilization has been trampled by the furies of nature and naturals. Undeterred, the Mahajannapada Kalinga has endured and flourished, leaving behind a long, long trail of Sikshya and Dikshya.

In the sparkling past, there shines a Great King "Mahameghavahana Kalinga Addhipathi Airaraja Shree Shree Sushyamala Kharavela", the apostle of virtue, courage and a connoisseur of Art. Though there are innumerable edicts and artefacts in stone and gem-stones of the Lapis Lazuli Era scattered around, our understanding of this iconic Airaraja is scant.

We have ventured to turn stones and expand our knowledge into the marvellous achievements of yore in our web portal "". Our primary domain shall center around the Heritage of Orissa with portfolios like Ancient Art, Craft, Culture, Tradition and Romantic Edifices (Legends / folklores ).

We solicit your blessings and contributions and/in the form of original articles (in English) artworks, relevant photographs, relevant manuscript / books etc. to create a milestone in the study of Ancient Orissa.

Our Dream : To see the Maha Vijaya Smaraka & The Rangamandapa, Built by Kharavela on Kumari Parbata, after their reconstruction. To reconstruct the lost mysterious history of Orissa and continue the glorious tradition.
Our Mission : Search for the lost mystical era.
Our Posture : Investigative Heritage Reporting.
Our Caves : 355, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751 007, India.
Our Needs : Your Blessings and all the related assistance you can render.

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